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Phyllis is a native North Georgian with a passion for exploring places, meeting interesting people and capturing their essence in her photos. She loved photography from a young age and the passion has continued to grow throughout the years.

“We live in a culture that is high intensity, fast paced, and overloaded with sensory information. Often the deeper beauty in the natural world around us is passed by without notice. My photography attempts to slow us down and truly appreciate the world our Lord has created. Whether it be portraying the nurturing relationship of mother birds with their babies, the exploration of the daily lives of people around us, or the display of the hidden and sometimes abstract beauty in the natural world, I enjoy capturing the emotion and expressing the feelings of that moment in time, that may otherwise be missed as we rush by at our hectic pace.

My goal is to make the viewer stop for a few moments and feel reconnected to this amazing world we live in and possibly get a glimpse beyond to the hand of the One who created it.” ~ Phyllis Westland


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Jeff grew up in Calgary, Alberta, between the mountains and the prairies, and developed an appreciation for the beauty in the world around him. Now living in North Georgia, he has carried the love for both God’s and man’s creation with him. In 2010, Phyllis challenged him to pick up her old camera, and a love for photography was born.

“My work is inspired by moments or visions that evoke my emotions or memories. But my desire is not only to express my interpretation of the world as I see it, but to capture moments that can be developed in the minds and hearts of those who see the photograph.  As an individual views one of my images, my goal is to place them in that time and place, and to stimulate their imagination to develop their own story from the photograph.

I do not see my images as answers or end points, but the start of a journey that stirs up more questions of who, what, where, when, and why.” ~ Jeff Westland